Binoid’s Power 9 Blend Live Resin Cartridge 2 Pack

Enjoy ultimate potency and flavor with Binoid’s Power 9 Blend Live Resin Cartridge 2 Pack combo! This potent blend offers a clean, smooth inhale full of the powerful aromas that make for an enjoyable experience no matter what type of user you are. Featuring terpenes from calamus root, sandalwood tree bark, East Indian rosemary oil extractions as well as limonene hemp distillate these cartridges deliver clinical quality CBD in each dose conveniently packed into two separate cartridges to maximize your vaping pleasure. Each cartridge contains 0.5mL of pure live resin distillate providing 300mg+/- total cannabinoids per serving so you can get all the benefits without any harmful additives or fillers resulting in a truly exceptional vape taste enjoyed by both beginners and experienced users alike!

Get ready for maximum flavor infused with therapeutic power thanks to Binoids’ innovative Power 9 Blend Live Resin Cartridge 2-Pack Combo! Boasting three powerhouse ingredients including Calamus Root Oil Extracts; Sandalwood Tree Bark & Leaf Distillation; plus Limonene Hemp Distillates this unique combination creates one masterful blend sure to please even more seasoned users looking for their ideal vape option without having to sacrifice any detail regarding product purity or optimal effects – something we here at Binoid understand is paramount when it comes to finding your preferred product formulation within our industry leading offering selection.. One draw off this convenient pair provides 300mg+/- specific cannabinoid content

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