Binoid’s Power 9 Blend Live Resin Disposable offers 3 unique and exquisite flavors in one worthy package.

Each of these delicious disposables contains a mix of nine different CBD-rich strains, offering you an unparalleled smoking experience that is truly out of this world. This disposable features 450mg (50% Sativa & 50% Indica) ingredients sourced from the highest quality plants available today, providing you with maximum potency medicinal benefits including relaxation, stress relief and restful sleep. With its discrete design, smooth flavor profile and no mess portability; it can easily fit into any lifestyle regardless if on the go or at home relaxing after a long day – eliminating all setup hassle associated to vaping tinctures or oils! Enjoy each puff knowing it’s filled with nothing but pure goodness as Binoid has eliminated solvents making for safe consumption every time guaranteeing your peace of mind when using our product line!

The perfect solution to those searching for an easy way to stay balanced both mentally and physically – look no further than Binoid’s Power 9 Blend Live Resin Disposable Pack Combo featuring three uniquely flavored blends in one amazing products! Containing bosting over 450mg per piece blend comprised only from handpicked organically grown sativa&indicia hemp flower extractions ensuring full spectrum cannabinoid profiles delivering superior effects compared to traditional isolate based CBD derived sources while also packing safety backed up by lack solvent

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